Tuesday, July 12, 2011

C is 10!!!!!

This post is slightly overdue.

C turned 10 on Sunday. Wow!! I cannot believe he is that old. He is such a joy to me. He has so many interests and so many talents. He loves cartooning, computer animating, anything Nerf (especially Nerf guns!), tennis, football, swimming, building and planning. He is just amazing.

It was his weekend with Dad and so I did not get to see him much. When we were together, though, we made sure that he felt special and loved.

Friday, he woke up to streamers on his door (since he wouldn't wake up at home on his actual birthday). We ate what he wanted for breakfast (crepes) and lunch (BLTs). We also went to a waterpark...partly for this fake-birthday and partly because it was A's last day with us.

Here is C with the present that A got him:
Then, Sunday night, we opened the rest of his presents:

and ate cake (Lemonade cake, of course!!!): (BTW..I hate this picture of me, but I love the smile on C's face so much...that I had to post it!)
One of C's big presents from CK and I was a Nerf Tag set. It is very fun. We have been playing that a lot at our house.

I love you, C. I am so glad that you are my son. I am so glad that I get to be your Mama and love you and treasure you forever and ever! :)

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