Monday, July 18, 2011

Even later.....K's birthday party (July 1, 2011)

K had her 12th birthday party on Friday, July 1st. CK took the boys and they went out to dinner and then went to watch a movie at his apartment. It was fun for me to be here just with the girls. I tried to be around if they needed me, but not obtrusive. K said I did a good job. Phew! I have never done this mom-of-a-preteen thing before.

These are the girls that could come (some of her best friends were out-of-town (darn summer birthday!):
They loved playing Lego Rockband together. They did a great job at taking turns. I loved this picture because look at Super Girl...she was jumping and her feet were off the ground. Cool.
They ate when they wanted to eat, did nails, opened presents, and began a movie. There was a lot of laughter. I was impressed the great caliber of girls that K has chosen to be her friends. I know that they are good girls and that they will help each other make good decisions. I am so grateful.

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