Sunday, December 22, 2013

C basketball game and K choir concert

Last Thursday was a very busy night for our family.  C had a basketball game and, at almost the same time, K had a choir concert.  CK had a stake meeting that overlapped both.

But, after thinking through it all, I physically could not drive them both to their respective locations, let alone support them in their events.  So, CK didn't go to his meeting, but fulfilled one of his greater rolls as "Dad." 

So, CK, J, and V went to C's game.  K and I went to her concert.  K was able to be ready quickly for her concert, so the two of us got to go and see the beginning of C's game.  Supporting him was worth the money we spent to get in for just half a game.

Here is C taking some free throws.  Go #2!!

And here is K singing with her choir.  It was beautiful.  I was grateful that I went.  I am glad I got to see both her sing and C play.  It made for a long night, but so worth it.

I think this picture was the next day.  I just had to take a picture of my gorgeous girl.  She is gorgeous inside and out.

Finally, we had some very good friends come visit in our area.  We got to see them twice while they were here.  I have a picture or two more to share about their visit, but this one just is priceless.  E was about V's age when they lived here.  V dislikes going with anyone not in her family, even if she knows them well, so it was surprising how much she loved E.  She just let E carry her around everywhere.  That is unusual for her.  It was cool. 

I am blessed to have this family in our lives.  I am so blessed with their amazing support with all I have been through.  Their prayers sustained me and their vocal support was so needed.  I am blessed.

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