Sunday, December 15, 2013

The rest of the ice storm 2013

So, we had no school on Friday, but then....all events were canceled for Saturday, church was canceled on Sunday, School was canceled on Monday, and School was again canceled on Tuesday.  This was a lot of ice and we were definitely iced in.  I am so grateful that even though we did get stir-crazy that we had each other and that we had plenty of food and heat.  We played games, we made cookies, we roasted Marshmallows, we did some cleaning.  It was a good break from life - although I was definitely ready to get back to the routine and schedule by Wednesday!

 Our doggie is looking so old.  She is 11 in human years, which roughly is about 77 in dog years.  In our new home, she is usually an outside dog.  When it gets very hot, we bring her in.  This time it was very cold and she spent most of every day and night inside.  V just loved her.  She is a great dog.  She never barks.  She never licks.  She is always obedient.  She is just a very good dog.  I see her aging and I am sad that she will eventually become even older and pass away.
 Road still a sheet of ice on Monday (or maybe that was Tuesday).
 I didn't capture this exactly.  C and K were really using J as a "hockey puck" and sliding him back and forth on the ice.
 Roasting marshmallows...thanks, K!
 I forgot to take a picture of the icicles on our bushes.  This picture was taken either Wednesday or Thursday...AFTER the kids went back to school.
 Ice.  Mostly shoveled onto the lawn from our driveway (again, Wednesday or Thursday).
 These two of icicles on the roof I am certain were taken Thursday.  I don't know why I didn't do it before, they weren't nearly as long when I remember to take pictures.
There you have storm in Texas.  I am so glad that we don't have the infrastructure to make the ice melt off every road immediately.  We get storms every year, but only every 3-4 years this big.  I think it would be a waste of my tax dollars to have the equipment to clear off every single road.  I will just stay in and enjoy it, thank-you very much!

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Andrea said...

We had a big ice storm last night. But life continues on.
I must move by you where things shut down.