Sunday, December 8, 2013

No School!!! (Iced In)

Friday, December 6, we did not have school.  Most everything was shut down around here due to the ice storm that came through our area Thursday night.  It was so loud on the front of our house (North facing) that K had to move to the floor of the ping pong room during the middle of the night.

This is what it looked like Friday morning:

This is NOT snow.  It is pure ice.

Above is one of those North-facing windows....completely iced over.  We couldn't see out of them at all.

Of course, the kids went out "sledding" on the ice.  We used cookie sheets and they sled down the icy driveway.  They had so much fun.  They went out later in the day and played again.  Then, yesterday (Saturday) they had cabin fever and I forced them to play for 15 minutes.  It was over an hour later and dark and I was calling them in.

The cabin fever came from being in the house for a couple days straight.  Almost everything was canceled yesterday.  We went from a busy Saturday to a very not-busy Saturday.  It was nice. 

Friday night, we decorated the tree.
We also watched a movie as family while a fire burned in the fireplace.  It was awesome.  We were all gathered together.  V just walked around the kids that were on the floor.  We laughed.  We loved being together.

Yesterday, we cleaned.  We made cookies.  I sewed (until my sewing machine had issues).  CK and I shopped a little online.

Now, today (Sunday), we are still iced in.  The roads are still quite dangerous - 1-3" solid ice.  Church was canceled.  We are getting ready to have "church" at home.  I love the Spirit in our home.  We will begin by having song and prayer and then each of us have prepared short talks.  We will close with a song and prayer.  Next we will have "Sunday School" and have our family Book of Mormon scripture study.  Then we will have some time set aside for "Young Women" (Personal Progress) and "Young Men" (Duty to God) and "Primary" (reading from the Friend).  CK and I will help the kids.  I am so grateful that we can have the Sabbath day at home, even without formal church being held.

I am also so grateful that we have not been among the hundreds of thousands of people that have lost power.  I am grateful that our heaters are working.  I am grateful that we have plenty of food to eat.  I am so grateful.

Today, we are supposed to finally go above freezing.  Forecasts vary about whether it will be enough to melt the ice or not.  We will see if school and everything else is canceled again tomorrow.  If so, we will spend another day together and love (almost) every minute.  More sledding.  More studying.  More games.  More peace.

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