Sunday, March 23, 2014

A priceless treasure

Yesterday, we recorded a book.

V had been given the book as a gift. It was a high quality version of the frames/books on which you record a voice message so someone can remember you.

I had been saving this book since July. I really wanted to have the grandparents record it since they all live so far away. And, guess what? They are all here in one place!

The book has seven pages and she has four grandparents. She also has four siblings that can read. Hmmm. I decided to have A read one since she isn't here often and CK and I each did one.

It is amazing. Voices of Grandma and Grandpa L, voices of Grandma and Grandpa K, A's voice, and voices of Mom and Dad. I listen to it and recognize such a precious treasure.

A funny story is that I am a little weepy. And hearing these words read by these grandparents was already making me a little bit emotional. When it came my turn to read, I would read just a line or two, and get too choked up to go on and so I would start laughing. I had to rerecord mine half a dozen times. And the only way it worked was to take it into a room by myself so they did not hear me get emotional.

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