Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh what you do during spring break?

This week has been Spring Break at our house.  It has been a little crazy getting K ready for trek and having all the kids together.  We have had a more relaxing than usual Spring Break and a more crazy than usual Spring Break.  I don't know how we have both, but we do.

This morning, J was banned from electronics.  Every day he maxes out his time by 9 am or so and then feels that he has nothing to do.  -Sigh-  Crazy world we live in.  So, he decided to build a car out of boxes.  The problem was that he needed help from me and I was nursing the baby.  So he instead pushed V around in this box.  They both had so much fun.

It was even fun enough that C got in on the action.  He pushed V in the diaper box and J in his car in "races" around the house....where he was the motor for both.  All three had a lot of fun.  And I, as Mom, had so much fun watching my kids enjoy each other.
On Wednesday morning, we were planning to go Putt-Putting with my sister and her kids.  But, the weather had turned cold with a very frigid wind.  And, K and I still had stuff to prepare for Trek.  It just wasn't going to work, so instead we met at a donut shop and ate breakfast together.

It was so much fun.  The best part was the donut shop employee turned on songs from "Frozen" over the loudspeaker and all the girls, including the ones at the next table just sang at the top of their lungs.  K has such a gorgeous voice.  I loved hearing her sing. 

Finally, K went on Trek this week.  Here she is trying on her pioneer outfits before she goes.  Well, Baby C needs me.  Hopefully I can finish this post later!  :)

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