Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Family Party #8

Monday we were able to have another family party.  This was part of the invitation this time:
It is the moment you have been waiting for....another Family Party!  Family Party #8 is right around the corner!

It will be an evening of fun!
Who: You!
What: Family Party #8
When: Monday, around 2:30 pm, or whenever Dad is done with work
Where: Start at the shoes!

We will begin (or maybe end) at the book palace, where we all love to go!

Next, we will plug our noses so the smell doesn't overcome us.

Finally, since we will all be hungry, we better jump to it and eat!

As it is Thanksgiving week, we all give thanks for our wonderful family! Let's smile, take pictures, and enjoy the afternoon/evening! When we get home, we will conclude by having Family Home Evening together. What could be better? NOTHING! We love you!

So, the first one is pretty obvious....we went to the library.  We all love to go there and we had a few books due, so we went all together.

Second, we went to the Stockyards.  A had never been and had been wanting to go.  It is a classic touristy place...and boy was it crowded with Thanksgiving tourists!  I had originally made the clue more obvious, but the kids love to figure out the clues, so I made it a little harder.  What the four of them decided was it was the Christmas Tree....ha ha!  Nope, the smell wasn't pine, it was cattle.  

 We so live in the age of selfies!

 We are both squinting, but we don't get pictures together often!  I sure love this man!

 And...the cattle drive!  Definitely a must-see!

 Then, C, J, and A did the cattlepen maze.  They had a great time and it was fun to watch.

 V enjoyed watching from the observation tower.

Clue #3 was dinner at Ihop.  This took the kids the longest time to figure out.  They kept coming downstairs for hints.  When I told them to find synonyms for "jump," I thought they would figure it out for sure...but they didn't.  Even me hopping around the living room didn't clue them in for a LONG time.  It was rather humorous to CK and I.

 We have brought cards to play games while we wait.  I guess it is a tradition.  CK and I took care of the babies and they played "O, Heck!", even the forehead round.  :)

 All in all, it was a wonderful evening.  My favorite times are when my family is gathered around me.  I am so blessed to have a large family and, as crazy as we get, I wouldn't ever wish it away.  I love all six of our children!  They belong with us and they belong together.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, but He has created beauty where once there was heartache and sorrow.  I always knew I would be okay.  But, in my wildest dreams, it wasn't THIS good!  I am one blessed woman indeed.

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