Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mom of six

Yep, here I am again...more journaling than posting pictures for posterity.

Being a mom of six means a lot of crying and screaming, at least at my house.  Tonight was even more than most nights.

CK, K, and C are at the temple.  A is in St. Louis.  I was here tonight with J, V, and Little C.  And...there was a lot of screaming.  I think V and Little C are just exhausted.  We had my nephew, E, here today.  They had so much fun and it was awesome, but I think their little bodies were just worn out.  In addition, we ate after CK, K, and C left so dinner was later.  That didn't help.

Sometimes I truly wonder what I am doing being a mom at all, let alone to six kids.  I love each of them so very much and my heart is overflowing with gratitude that I get to be their mom, but I still wonder if I am up to the task.  At the same time, my heart aches that they are growing up.  I am so proud of them and pleased with their choices in life, but the thought of them leaving home is already leaving a non-fillable void.  I am trying to remember "The Best is Yet to Be."  This means that as I lean on the Savior, the years in front of me will be amazing.  Life with children-in-laws and grandkids will be glorious.  I think I will always miss the littles at home, but I will also be grateful that I don't have nights of screaming sometimes.  It is all up to me and my attitude.

I am currently downloading pictures to my computer.  :)  Maybe next post will be more fun!

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