Monday, January 25, 2016

Family scripture picture

So, I have this fancy schmancy new camera that is amazing and a fancy schmancy new laptop that is also amazing.  But, no matter how I try I cannot figure out how to get my pictures to work on my laptop.  I load them and they are put somewhere that I cannot access.  I cannot save them at a lower resolution.  I really am at a loss and it is very frustrating.

But, I did finally get this picture uploaded on on the blog.  Woot Woot!  Our primary has asked each family to take a picture of their family doing family scripture study.  We study every day, but it has been hard to add taking a picture to the study time.  Finally, we did it last night.  Sadly, A isn't with us so our family is not complete, but this is what our study looks like much of the time.  The calm toddlers is deceptive, but other than that, this is how we roll at our home.

I love that we study the scriptures together.  We do three days a week of Doctrine and Covenants and four days a week of Book of Mormon.  We are almost done with both, but we will just continue the Book of Mormon reading by starting again as we always do, but we will also read the New Testament.  I am soooooooooooooooo excited about this.  I long to know my Savior more and have my kids know Him more too.  This is a great way to do it.  :)

It would take a while to catch up on all that goes on in a busy household of 8, but a few things include...V cut her own hair necessitating a haircut, C is playing basketball and last Saturday they only had 5 players, so he played all of two back to back games, Little C will turn 2 in 12 days.  Crazy!

We are in the middle of trying to schedule many things.  The planner part of me is screaming in agony that we just cannot get things planned (trying to work with many others).  But, this will all work out too.

I am happy.  Life is good.  I love my life.  I love my family.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love my home.  I love my cars.  I love my relative good health.  Life is good.  I am blessed.

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