Saturday, February 27, 2016


Yesterday for part of my birthday we went to you pick tulip place.  Because I absolutely love tulips.

Each of my family members picked a flower just for me.  (The red wrapped bunch). CK picked orange, K picked yellow, C picked white, J picked red, V picked purple, and Little C picked pink.  Love love love.

The bunch of flowers that is wrapped in purple I picked.  I have a dear friend, J, that knew I wanted to go to the tulip place, so she gave me a gift certificate for my birthday.

What a great afternoon we had. The kids got out of school early because it was an early release day. We went to lunch at a random place that we'd never heard of, but we stopped there and ate at this mom and pop sub shop. It was very good. Then we went up to the tulips and enjoyed time together picking tulips and taking a couple of pictures.  We even ate my birthday brownies there. We attempted to have me blow out the candles, but the wind did it for me.

Then, we came home. The traffic was horrible, because there was a lot of construction. We picked up the babysitter on the way home and then hurriedly changed.  We took the kids to their dad, then CK and I went to see Star Wars. Then we had a quick dinner late and came back and took the babysitter home.

What an amazing birthday! I felt loved and blessed all day long.

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