Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just Life

I am sick.  Blehh!  Sickness really isn't fun, but it does teach you what it is like to be healthy!  I will appreciate tomorrow so much more!

Being sick, I have spent much of the day resting on the couch.  And looking at my phone to keep me entertained.  I realized that 6 years ago today was the big huge snow storm.  I went back on this blog to look at the pictures.  Then, I just had to keep reading.

LOVED it!  I loved seeing pictures of my kids (that have changed dramatically in 6 years!).  I loved reading about CK and seeing our love develop.  I loved it so much.  I have done a disservice to myself and others by not keeping this blog better up to date!  Again, I want to try harder.

I did work on and order a photo book with our January 2016 pictures.  I intend to make a book each month.  The kids absolutely love to go through them.  I do, too!  And, I love pictures sooooooooooooooo much, but where are most of them?  Hidden somewhere in a digital format.  Pre-digital, I was very good at printing photos, dating them, and putting them into albums.  I even dipped into scrapbooking.  I decided it wasn't really my thing.  I am not really crafty, but it didn't hurt to try.  But, with digital, I became the mom that took multiple photos of the same event and then couldn't choose which one to use and then just gave up because the thousands of photos can be overwhelming.

I did not do New Year's Resolutions this year, but beginning in December, I choose to focus on three goals to help make me a better person:

  1. Drink more water (did great at the not so great.)
  2. Work on pictures and make them a priority (I did, in fact, work on and order a book!)
  3. Don't complain.  (I think I wrote already about this...I have discovered that I am a closet complainer!  Time to change!)
So, the cool thing about this life...we can always start new.  We can always be better.  We will always fall, but we can always try again.  What an incredible blessing!

One last thing, while reading 2010 posts regarding CK, I mentioned some of his awesome qualities.  I also admitted that we were still courting, but I knew that he would continue to treat me well after being married.  He totally has!!  He gives me the very best that he has to give.  Every day.  Every minute.  I always come first.  I didn't know that this was possible.  But, it is not only possible, I have it!  I am so blessed!

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