Thursday, July 28, 2016

And then there were (well, will be) three....

My heart is a little full this afternoon.  By this time tomorrow, we will be down from six kids to three kids, at least for a time.  I feel it.  My Mommy-Heart aches.  I am not cut out for my kids leaving the nest, of that, I am certain!  If a few days makes my heart ache......

Anyway, A left to go to her other home on Tuesday.  I am so grateful that she has another home where she is loved and where she loves being, but I do still miss her a lot.  In fact, every time I sleep (night or nap), I awaken thinking I need to go find A and do something together, but then I remember the time has come for her to go to her other home.

And, tomorrow K and C leave with XDH to go to Guatemala!!!!  WOO HOO!!!  It should be a great trip and I am so excited for them!  My heart is aching in another way, however.  From the time I was pregnant with K, I dreamed of taking my children to Guatemala, to see where they are from and to experience that land myself.  I even suggested to XDH that we plan to take them around the time they graduate from high school.   So, we tentatively planned that.  Then, we got divorced.  His family has decided to take the kids as a family when they are near graduation (I think this was an independent thought from my earlier one...just great minds think alike!).  This will be trip #2.  The older cousins went a few years ago.  In an odd way, I feel like Guatemala is my country too.  Not like the United States, but Guatemalans taught me Spanish (In fact, some native speakers when they hear me speak Spanish ask if I am Guatemalan because I guess I gained their accent when I learned Spanish from them!) and they also taught me to love their homeland.  My heart aches to be there and visit and learn.

But, I am super duper zuper excited for K and C!  They will have experiences in the next ten days that will last a lifetime.  They will make memories that will stay with them forever.  This is a personal trip as well as a tourist trip, so they will see extended family and they will also visit Tikal and Antigua and other touristy sites.  What an amazing thing to do at 17 and 15!  It will truly be incredible.  I am already excited for all the memories, pictures, and stories that they will return with!

I am also worry a little.  I hope for their safety and I will be praying for them probably hourly.  I feel they will be okay, but I am very grateful for their large group.  They should be just fine.

So, for the next ten days (after I drop off XDH, K, and C at the airport in the morning), J will be the oldest.  I think it will be great.  We will do fun things together.  We will work together.  We will love each other.  I am excited for my time with him.  He is such a great kid that I love.  We won't be in a foreign country, but we will enjoy our time together (and with CK, V, and Little C).  :)

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Andrea said...

So exciting for them! I feel your ache too. It's hard when dreams and life plans change and when you're left out of events. Blah.