Monday, July 18, 2016

It's about time!

So, a couple of days ago I was feeling a little down and a tad overwhelmed.  I remembered that earlier this year there was an article that was life-changing for me at the time and I remembered that I had blogged about it.  So, I went back and looked it up (from January) and, as I read, I could hear the real me in the posts.  I realized yet again that I need to keep up this blog.

So, today, I am "locked" out of my downstairs level.  Not really locked out, but I had the carpets cleaned today.  They look absolutely amazing and it was supposed to be a quick dry, 2-4 hours, but it has been five and they are still quite wet.  I don't want to tarnish the wonderful carpet, so I am choosing to keep the kids and I off of it until probably until tomorrow morning.  Luckily, we have a very big home (over 3500 sf), so being upstairs isn't a big deal.  The only thing missing is a kitchen.  All the kids' rooms and a bathroom are upstairs.  We also have a media room and a loft upstairs, so plenty of space to play.  It's all good.

A fun blessing with having the downstairs "closed" is that we all went out earlier.  We also picked up C from his band thing at the high school and then off we went to Cici's.  This is NOT my first choice of a place to eat, but all six kids like it or love it.  So, not one complained, which is an amazing feat in and of itself!  And, it was better than I remember it.  So, it was definitely a $35 win.  :)  It really seems that one of the children is frustrated with me or mad at me at every given moment.  So, this was a huge blessing and big win!

This is an incredibly busy week.  Most are, actually, but there are a few that aren't.  And, there are some that rack up the busy points.  This is one of those weeks.  I can make it through.  The interesting thing is that in Sacrament Meeting at church yesterday, I was inspired to reread the Mary and Martha account from the New Testament and remember to "choose that good part."  With this very busy week, I can easily be caught in the thick of thin things.  So, I am really working on letting the less-important things go while I focus on the most important things.  I hope I can do a good job!

I was thinking about all that I need to say to catch up on this blog. way to put months of dozens, no, hundreds, of activities on here!

But, it is good to be back, at least for a moment.  I am blessed.  I hope I never forget just how blessed I am....such as I brought diapers and wipes upstairs with me....stinky diaper, here I come!!!!

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Jen Sadler said...

You are an inspiration! I love you!