Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Another Goodbye

Well, really two goodbyes.  I so hate goodbyes.  I have to remember the old quote, "The pain now is part of the happiness then."  Goodbyes would not be difficult if I didn't love people so much. 

In this case, it is my A.  She went back to her other home today, after being with us for almost three weeks.  Honestly, I thought that this goodbye would be easier (not easy, but easi-ER).  Nope.  I think it was even more difficult.  I am so grateful that I get to be one of her moms.  She is an amazing 12-year-old.  She is beautiful.  She is charismatic and makes friends everywhere she goes.  She is quick to think about others (for instance she was my literal shoulder to lean on when the heat made me unbalanced at the baseball game that we attended as a family).  She is obsessed with lip balm of all brands.  She loves to make movies, even product reviews (usually lip balm) and she does a great job.  And, I will miss her so very much!

And, I also had to say goodbye to one of my moms (my mother-in-law).  She was able to come visit us for a few days.  It was absolutely wonderful!  She is a woman that I admire and desire to work to become like her.  She is so loving and unselfish.  She keeps herself strong and healthy.  She loves being with her grandkids and supports them in every way she can.  I will miss her a lot.

We have been very busy the few days that Mom was here.  We crammed a lot into our visit and it was a great time! She was here Thursday - this morning.

Thursday:  We had a family party where we teamed up to fill a backpack for needy school children, visited Buccees, went to Cabellas, and finally ate dinner at Pie 5.

Friday:  We had family pictures together and went out to dinner at Mooyah's.

Saturday:  The three older children went to do baptisms at the temple.  CK and I and mom were able to go with them.

Sunday:  Church.  :)

Monday:  We went to Main Event.  It was soooooooooooo fun!  I expected the kids to have fun, but I was surprised with how much fun I had!  I discovered that I love laser tag!  We just all had a blast.

I love my life.  I have such a great life.  I hate these goodbyes, but I do have a great life.  I cannot complain.  Or, at least I shouldn't complain.  Sometimes I catch myself complaining, but I really shouldn't.  My health is relatively good, I have an awesome family, I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have a home, I always have food to eat, I have a car to drive, I live in a free country (although the whole election thing really scares me), and I just have a wonderful life.

Speaking of a wonderful life, I have officially planned CK and I's anniversary date this weekend.  I think I have it perfectly planned and I am soooooooooooooo excited.  5 years and I am more in love with him still every day.  :)

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