Saturday, January 13, 2007


Does it ever seem like no matter how hard you try, life is still frustrating? First of all, I am trying hard to lower my expectations of myself...I'm nearly 30 and I have finally figured out that I cannot be a perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect housekeeper, perfect business woman, perfect spiritually, etc. all at once. Even with this new found knowledge and really and truly trying to enjoy each moment and not get overwhelmed or frustrated...each day (usually sometime between 3 and 5 pm) I just feel so unsuccessful. This week it has been a very needy 3-month-old and a stressed out DH. Throw in a whiny 7-year-old and a sensitive 5-year-old and it is just a sure formula for frustration! (On top of this...add a now losing NBA team whom watching used to be the highlight of the entire family's week!)

Oh well...tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to enjoy the moment. And, I do have to admit that until that 3-5 breakdown time...I really have learned to be more relaxed and happier!


nikko said...

I'm finally figuring out the same things. Too bad I spent the last 10 years thinking I could do it all. :o) It is much more peaceful when you allow some things to "slide".

utmommy said...

Since you don't have a picture posted of yourself, I'm trying to figure out if I know you. I'm pretty sure I do. I'm txmommy's sister. Come say hi!

Joyismygoal said...

Hi R this is M come visit my bolg at I know every day is a challenge but w/o it we would be so..... lonely i so agree w/ you