Thursday, January 25, 2007

Princesses DO wear glasses!

Did anyone ever tell you that Princesses do wear glasses?

My little K has been squinting at church and sometimes in front of the TV, so I took her today to get her first eye exam. I wasn't planning on them dilating her eyes, but they did. I was so proud of her. I have never had my eyes dilated, but I have heard that it really hurts! She was such a trouper. Afterwards, the doctor said that she wouldn't be able to see very well for up to 24 hours and that she definitely shouldn't return to school. This gave me an unexpected day with her. It was great! She had been very worried about the possibility of having glasses, but the doctor said that she is only slightly near-sighted and only needs to wear glasses part time to see the board or such. She was now so excited that she just wanted to go try glasses on. We spent the rest of the day trying on glasses and she had so much FUN! I really loved spending the day with her.

And now, doesn't my little princess look sweet? I think she looks so cute!


dieMutti said...

She is the cutest ever! Wow! I was never as cute when I had glasses so young! She looks adorable and very intelligent - which is perfect, because that's exactly what she is! (PS Sorry I missed your call... LONG day - but awesome hair cut!) Lots of love!

txmommy said...

she looks just like a princess!

nikko said...

I think those are very cute glasses!

Joyismygoal said...

Very cute and almost collegiate (sp?)like she is:)