Monday, February 26, 2007


Happy Birthday to me!

In honor of this 30th birthday, I am listing 30 things that I absolutely love about my life (By the was really hard to narrow it to 30. I had to keep changing things as I thought of better ones...Maybe I should be turning 50 to get them all in!)!

  1. DH, who loves me, protects me, provides for me, enables me to stay home with our children, and encourages me to be better each day!

  2. K, who is so thoughtful and always looking for ways to make my life easier.

  3. C, who is crazy and funny and can always make me laugh.

  4. Little Dan, who loves me as if I am his entire universe.

  5. Gospel of Jesus Christ

  6. A living prophet

  7. Wonderful parents and siblings

  8. A house in the suburbs

  9. Being a stay-at-home Mommy!

  10. A dog that drives me crazy, even though she is the best dog ever!

  11. Friends (especially ones that take you to brunch on your birthday!

  12. Cute green purse that I think is adorable

  13. Living the American Dream~owning a successful business!

  14. Earrings and bracelets

  15. Babies that sleep occasionally!

  16. Pictures

  17. Sunshine (with sunglasses so I don't get a headache!)

  18. An awesome ward

  19. Running water

  20. Air Conditioning

  21. Cell phones

  22. Kids that are more excited than you about your birthday and whisper secretively as if you could never guess what they are doing!

  23. A winning Utah Jazz team

  24. An Education

  25. A garden

  26. French Manicures

  27. The United States of America

  28. A healthy body

  29. Reading

  30. My light blue eyes

Last night as DH and I thought about where we had been in the last ten years, I thought of how much has happened since then. Here are the major milestones since 20:

  1. May 1997: Married DH

  2. August 1997: Began first teaching job in Utah

  3. July 1998: Moved to Portland, OR.

  4. August 1998: Began teaching in Oregon

  5. June 1999: K was born

  6. July 2001: C was born

  7. December 2001: DH graduates-changes name to Dr. DH.

  8. December 2001: Moved to Texas

  9. May 2003: Bought first house

  10. September 2005: Opened our own business

  11. September 2006: Little Dan was born

I feel so blessed to be living (for the most part) the life I dreamed of having since I was a little girl. The only thing I never predicted was that we'd be living in Texas (but, in general, we love it!)


txmommy said...


Joyismygoal said...

Happy Birthday to one of the Best People I know.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday!!!

LOL at Dr. DH! We have so much in common. 21 of your 30 things are also my favorite things! Also, you were married one month before me so we both have our 10 year anniversaries coming up! It's fun to get to know you better.

I hope you have a fantastic day! :D

nikko said...

Hope you had a great birthday. I loved reading your list!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I hope your 30th was wonderful. I saw you at Suzanne's and liked your name. :) You moved to Portland the same time we moved to Vancouver, but then it looks like you moved to Texas a few years ago. Too bad we didn't know about blogging at the time, huh?