Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Little Plates" versus "Big Plates"

I have been in one of those blog-funks. What happened, actually, is that I wanted to put a picture of LD from when he was born on his birthday post...but for some reason I moved the birthday files in my computer and I can't find them. I know they exist...but I haven't had time to search the great abyss of my computer. So, then, I felt like I couldn't post anything else until the birthday one had pictures and was published. I still have to write about camping last weekend and LD being sick.

But, first, another reason that I haven't blogged as much is that I have realized that I have the "small plates of Nephi" and the "big plates of Nephi." My blog is the latter and my small plates were getting neglected. I decided that I needed to be more diligent at writing my more personal feelings and spiritual experiences in my journal. I feel I really need both. I love my blog, but I need to also record how my life has been guided and blessed by a living God, who knows and loves me and some of that is just too personal to post.

So, there you have it. I was gone and now I'm back. :)


JRV said...

Its funny how much inspiration we find in blogs. You made me realize I too have been putting my journal on the back burner. For instance, I have so much to write about my new calling, (Primary Chorister)but my blog feels too public. Thanks for the wake up call. Good luck finding your pics on your computer.

Mel said...

Great comparison! I agree that some of the feelings and experiences we have need to be recorded elsewhere. I should be better at doing that.

Suzanne said...

I've really missed you, but I also understand! We can't neglect those small plates. Great comparison! :)