Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Friday

Life has seemed extra busy lately. I think it is because I didn't do "Errands Day" this week (where I try to combine all errands into one day), so I have been out of the house every day running errands. This leaves me less time at home to accomplish stuff for the house and the clinic and this leaves me frustrated. I guess that "Errands Day" really works for me.

I have also been sick. I am sure I picked up some germies in one of our many stops in San Antonio last week. It isn't too bad. I guess I am fighting it off pretty good, but I am still congested.

I have begun walking with my good friend, JK, again. I love walking with someone. It is so much more fun than by myself. And, while I was really, really good at going walking at 5:30 AM or so during the summer, when school started it just hasn't happened all that much. I also find that while walking together I go farther and longer since I am not constantly thinking of the time and how much I have to do...I am chatting (or sometimes panting) with my friend. Much nicer.

I took the kids to the library and the park last night. This added to the chaos of life, but it was such a beautiful night that we couldn't resist. Here is LD exploring the park.

Speaking of libraries, I go to FOUR different ones on a regular basis! I guess our family loves libraries and books. Two of them are small town libraries that are close to where I live. Two of them are branches of the huge library system in my actual city, although the branches are much further away than the small ones. We had a bond pass to get a library branch near our area about four years ago, but the library is still not built. So, for now...four libraries it is!

Finally, in other news, the clinic is really growing and our family is so blessed. Thank-you all for your prayers as we undertook this scary adventure. I can't express how grateful we are for the blessings we have.


Suzanne said...

Fun pics! I agree that it's nice walking with someone. I used to go walking with Itybtyfrog, but then she moved away! :(

We love the library too!

I'm glad things are going well at your clinic and hopefully you feel better soon! :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

What a cutie- looks like a great day to go to the park!
The weather here isn't nearly that nice- we can't escape the rain!