Thursday, December 31, 2009

12 years, 7 months, 7 days

If there was a gravestone on our marriage, it would read:
May 24, 1997-December 31, 2009.

For so long, I thought it was May 24, 1997-Forever. I even have books and pictures that say this. Nope. It is over. And, we were married 12 years, 7 months, and 7 days.

I do have to say that the first 11 years were incredible. We had a great marriage and I treasure those memories. The last year and a half have been tough due to the many surprising decisions of XDH (Yep. Now that the divorce is final, his name has changed to XDH). Ironically, it was also just after Christmas almost exactly 13 years ago (January 3, 1997) that XDH proposed to me. He asked me to marry him in front of the Mt. Timpanogas temple, which is where we were married/sealed a few months later. Oh, the ironies of life!

I am ready. I am ready now to start a new life. The peace and calm that I feel demonstrates yet again to me how much my Heavenly Father knows me and just how much He is aware of me. How lucky I am!


The 7B's said...

It was a blessing for us that you were married!! We gained an amazing sister and wonderful cousins. We love you and miss you. Happy 2010!! It can only get better right?

Jay said...

I'm thinking of you. And you are SO right: Heavenly Father is keeping you in His care. Love ya!

nikko said...

I say the best is yet to come.


The Tall and Short of it said...

I LOVE this GIRL!! YOU have control of your own life!!! YOU are in charge!!! I am so happy to see/read the XDH!!! I am totally with Nikko!!!! I feel I should clarify for those of you who do not know me and/or understand ME--I don't like that he has choosen to be XDH and I am not happy about it, BUT I am sooooo happy to feel that this Goodlife girl is now in the driver seat!!! She can now move on. There is so much for instore for you!!! As I stated earlier, I don't like how things transpired over the last year(ish). XDH can not give you what you need or deserve!!! You deserve to have the Priesthood in your home (just as your children do) you deserve to be treated like a queen, you deserve to have the spotlight on YOU!!!
I am sooooo excited for YOU!!!!!
phewwwww now only if there was a spell check button!!!