Saturday, April 10, 2010


I still have a lot of pictures and many events to post about....dang it! I am about two weeks behind now!

But....I had to document this about LD:

Earlier this week, I cut LD's hair. In order to distract him a little so that he would sort of stay still, I started asking him about his senses. Here is our conversation:

Me: "What do your ears do?"
LD: "Hearing."
Me: "What do your eyes do?"
LD: " You see with them."
Me: "What does your mouth do?"
LD: "Talk" (A side note...if you know LD at all, this is ALL he does)
Me: "Anything else?"
LD: "Eat"
(now here comes the funny one...)
Me: "What does your nose do?"
LD: "It is for mocos (Spanish for boogers or snot)."
Me: "What else do you use your nose for?
LD: "It is just for mocos."

Gotta love the mind of a three-year-old! (He did eventually admit you can smell with your nose too.)

Oh...and the next day, we were discussing this at the dinner table and K asks LD (We didn't get to 'feel'-I was laughing too hard about the mocos the night before) what hands are for. He replies very matter-of-factly, "To pick up your toys with!"


Kathy said...

He is so cute! I love it when our kids crack us up!

The 7B's said...

I love it! He's so awesome.

Jenny said...

I thought his hand were going to be for picking out the mocos. Ha!