Friday, April 30, 2010

The Perfect Evening

This afternoon/evening has been practically perfect in every way! :) I am one very blessed woman. First, though, a couple pictures from earlier this week. If I don't post them now, I never will.

First, this week we had three days of TAKS testing at our house. For the last few years (ever since the first TAKS test was taken in our family), we have a tradition of going to Sonic after every test. This week, we got to go three times.
Also, this week, C and I finished his Space Derby and he got to race it on Wednesday at Pack Meeting. It was fun. :)
Now for this perfect afternoon/evening: First, I actually have my kids on a Friday night and I LOVE it. I love being laid back with them and just enjoying being together. At this very moment we are outside. It is dark and cool and we will probably all have a few mosquito bites, but we are together. I even have my laptop outside...oh, the blessings of technology!
Right after school, I took the kids to the museum. C loves to build things and concentrates very hard:

LD loved these rotating sand tables. He said that he was going to stay there all day and he practically did!
K and S love the creative crafty area and were there enjoying the relative peace of the museum this afternoon.
As a surprise for K, her best friend (that lives in another city) and her family met us at the museum. I tried to capture the moment that K and E first saw each other, but I missed it. K's face is still elated in this picture, though:
Here they are again. Truly best friends!
C's finished building. He was very careful to make a stage that a wheelchair could go on and included many ramps. He will be an ADA developer when he grows up!
Tonight, we were all out enjoying the perfect weather when K looked up and saw the sun with perfect rays in the afternoon sky. It was gorgeous! :)
We ordered pizza and had it delivered (never happens at our house). It was a very fun moment. Then, we grabbed a blanket and had an impromptu picnic outside in the front yard.
It was so yummy! It was a perfect night. Now, the boys are riding scooters and playing in the front yard, while I have my laptop out front so I can be close to them. It is perfect. Next up: games with K and Jazz game! Go, Jazz!!!!


shana said...

That's funny that you mentioned mosquito bites. Just tonight Alex was asking about mosquitos. Hard to describe, since we don't have them here. You'll have to take a picture of a bite for me. :)

Kathy said...

Your such a fun mom, can I come live at your house!

It is so fun making the most of all those special times!

The Texas Bakers said...

We went to the museum this weekend, too. So fun! I love that picture of the sky. Just beautiful!