Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catch-up: CK and 3 Days without school!

So...first a disclaimer...I had to switch back to my old camera for some of these pictures. Did I check to see if the date was correct on them? NO!!! Sorry. All these pictures really are from this last week. Ignore the date. I feel so sheepish about this. :(

So, CK was here this last weekend. YAHOO! I love having him around. I cannot wait to be married to him forever and ever and have him around all the time.

First, we went to C's basketball game (this picture does have the correct date-it was from the week before-but my camera died and I didn't get any pictures of the game CK was at with me.).

It was so fun to watch him together. I was very impressed with both CK and XDH. I am hopeful that we will always be able to have that cordial of a relationship when we are in places for the kids together. :)
After CK treated me to a wonderful lunch, we went to work on our project of the weekend. We chose to work on the front flower bed, since it was 75 degrees outside and perfect weather. I so wish I'd been smart enough to take a "before" picture. It would make the "after" picture mean so much more. I still need to mulch and plant flowers from where we took out the long and crazy grass. Other than that-so much neater. We took out a tree, a lot of grass, a few weeds, and trimmed everything else. It is so fun to work side-by-side and I love getting things done!

That night, CK helped C build a of his last two requirements to earn his Bear in cub scouts. They worked hard and I think they both enjoyed it considerably.

Then....Sunday came. CK had to go home. This is good-bye. Again. But...we will be together again shortly. Love you, CK!

And, two days later:
But, you can get a lot done on a day off. This was Tuesday (our first day off). K cleaned her room (she had promised me she would...and now she had more time!).
C and K also went out side to slide on the ice. I guess I wasn't out there when C was so I just have pictures of K.

After working hard on cleaning the boys' closet, I found them all enjoying each others' company:
And now....we are on DAY 3 without school. Definitely stir crazy yesterday. Today I created a schedule for us. I think all four of us are craving structure. So far so good! :)


Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Structure is a good thing.

nikko said...

We're kind of no-structure people around here. LOL. Glad you guys are having fun!