Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yet again...No school

So....another day without school. I wasn't sure that it would really be canceled, but, is.

We were more prepared this time. :) The kids wanted a schedule...we only did that one day last week and I guess it worked better than the other three. They love it. We exercised together this morning, did our chores, read scriptures, and now they are playing the Wii. Fun times. :)

In other news, in response to our Stake President's message this weekend, we are trying to be healthier as a family. We have chosen to increase our vegetable intake to 4 (full-size!) servings a day. We have always done 2-3, but they have not always been full sized and we have never eaten 4! The kids came up with how to do it: one at lunch, one at snack, and two at dinner. Yesterday was Day One and we all did it!!!!!

Now, a bit of a catch-up from this weekend:
Friday, we actually had snow and not just we played and played and played!

Sunday, I got to hold my dear friend, J's, little angel, Q. She is so precious and her whole life has been one miracle after another. :)
C was camera happy that afternoon....but, one blessing was I actually got a picture of me with one of my very best friends, A. She is absolutely amazing, one of the most wonderful women I know. I have been so lucky to have her as my friend. Truly a blessing.
Proud Daddy:
Sunday evening, we also had a dear family over for dinner. We have been friends forever...since we each only had two children and they were all preschool age or younger. Her hubby was out of town, so I invited them over....8 kids and 2 moms. Great fun. K was a trouper, too, since she was the only girl. She enjoyed herself, also, though.

Finally, a P.S. ....... I am going to St. Louis in 2 days! I am so excited! I love CK and I am ready for our future to continue. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for him and for a very loving Heavenly Father that has always taken care of me. Sometimes I am not patient, but He always is.


nikko said...

I didn't realize it was canceled today! How funny. The roads here are completely bare and we only have a dusting of snow in the grass.

Thank you for inviting us over. We have been recluses lately, so it was nice to come over and play and socialize. :o)

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

I snagged that picture of us. I hope you don't mind. :)

Tell C thanks.