Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camping 10/14/11

We had the opportunity to go camping this last weekend.  It doesn't happen very often that it is not too hot, not too cold, and we have the kids on a Friday.  It is very rare, in fact.  This last weekend, however, everything lined up perfectly.  I spent many hours preparing, CK took off from work early and helped and I took the kids out of school a little early and we were off!!!  The above picture of C fishing at sunset is my favorite picture.
Sunset on the lake....so beautiful!  We really had the best campsite ever!  :)
This is K and J out wading in the lake.  It was warm and beautiful.  After much begging, I even got in with them for a bit.  :)

I used two different cameras this trip so the pictures are a little out of order.  This is K carrying the ladder ball stuff back to the car from the campsite (it was hike in).
But this one, however, is on our way to finding which campsite is ours.

Of course a couple of setting up the tent.  In my adult life, I have never gone camping and not been the one to set up the tent, not once.  But....my boys took care of it for me this time.
All of this is part of our campsite.  You can see the covered picnic table in the distance and I am standing out a little bit in front of the tent.  It was huge!

This was also part of our campsite.....a private access to the lake.  Very cool.

This state park also had loner fishing poles and tackle and no permit was needed to fish within the park.  Very cool.  I have never been, but CK loves it!  He didn't know if there would be fishing so he didn't bring his equipment.  CK caught many fish and both C and K each caught a fish or two.  They really enjoyed it!

My sister and I successfully planned a surprise for the kids.  They could not camp with us, but came up and we played around and did dinner together.  None of our kids, hers or mine, knew anything about it.  The above picture is of her kids running to meet mine when they arrived and found out what they were doing.

The moon on the lake was so pretty.  I had also purchased light sticks for all the kids and they loved twirling them and throwing them.  This picture (below) turned out pretty cool.  :)
Finally, there were a million spiders everywhere with huge webs like this one.  I think that all this heat for so many months has left the campground relatively empty and the spiders just took over.
We did have another guest that I don't have a picture of:  at least one skunk LOVED to be in our campsite.  He wasn't really scared of humans, but we were scared of him.  No one wanted to cut our trip short with that horrid smell!!!

It was a great weekend.  I couldn't have asked for a better one.  I am soooooooooo blessed.

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nikko said...

We went camping on Friday night, too! Where were you guys? We were at Ray Roberts.