Monday, June 4, 2012

5th Annual Last Day of School Waterfight

This is the 5th year we have done this:  Last Day of School Waterfight!  It has become a tradition that my kids and many of my friends and their families look forward to.  Everyone is welcome.  It is so fun!  I missed my old neighborhood this year.  We have always had the neighborhood kids join us.  I figured we would again.  Nope.  No one in our new neighborhood was even out and about.  Hmmm....maybe we will have to send invitations next year.  :)

I purchased 24 pencil shooters, 12 pizzas, a couple of totes for water-All worth it.  Thank goodness that many of my friends contributed some for the pizza.  :)

I have many more pictures, but this will be enough to remember all the fun we had this year.  Lots of friends. Lots of fun.  And, since it was VERY stormy earlier that morning, we were so blessed that it cleared up and we were able to have it as planned.  :)  All four of us got sunburned.  I did not put on sunscreen this year.  Bad Mom!  It was cloudy and overcast when we began and, amongst all the busyness, I did not.  My three kids, due to being half-Hispanic, had never been sunburned.  The good news is that now they won't complain as much when I make them put on sunscreen!  They now know one of consequences of not!

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