Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Piano Recital

Just under two years ago, C and K both started piano lessons.  They are both talented and relatively focused.  I am grateful for the music in my home.  This year's piano recital happened last weekend.  They both were able to play marvelously!  I was impressed with their music.  They are rapidly improving and that is exciting!  

K has spent the last three years in choir and I know that choir has helped her piano and piano has helped her singing.  

C will being playing the cornet in the fall in 6th grade band.  The gentleman at the music store yesterday said that C taking piano will put him leaps and bounds above the non-piano taking students.  I am grateful that they are both developing these talents.
 C played "Cossack Ride" and "Funiculi Funicula."

 K played "Fly's Adventure" and "From a Distance."
Their music was beautiful.  Again, I am so blessed.  :)

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