Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree #1

Thanksgiving was awesome.  I didn't take very many pictures.  We went to my sister's home.  It was very fun.  I am so grateful for all my blessings, including, and especially my sister.  I am so glad that she lives nearby.  Love her bunches and bunches.

Friday we cleaned up from all the cooking on Thursday.  J and A played together--like they always do.

 Then we wrapped presents and got ready for our first Christmas tree.

 We do have two trees up this year, partially because we now have a two story home, but mostly because this was our time all together as a family.  Most of the time, when we get to see A it is in St. Louis.  This time, all five of our children were together.  Decorating the tree is family time and so CK and I bought a smaller artificial tree and we put it up and decorated it together.  We now have our second tree up and decorated as well.  It is a live tree and it is downstairs in our living area.  I am pondering purchasing a third tree to use next year in our piano room.  It would look good there and it would allow me a tree to decorate for the beauty while still having the other trees have all the kids' ornaments and other special ornaments on them.  I have collected ornaments from places that we visit.  It is so fun to put them on the trees.  My sister-in-law, L, gave me that great idea and I love it.  Putting up ornaments is a time to relive our family history.

I love this picture with CK and A.  One day she will be too big, but right now--you can tell how much she loves her Daddy.

V loves to touch her hair.  It is the first thing she does when she wakes up and she feels it throughout the day.   :)  I guess it is a good thing that she has a lot of hair!

 V loved the Christmas tree.  She just laid there beneath it and looked and looked at the lights and the ornaments and the branches.
The other kids soon joined her.  There is something magical about laying under the tree.  I remember doing it as a kid and marveling at the beauty of it.  Our real tree would be more difficult--someone might end up with a pine needle in the eye.  Yikes!

I am so blessed to have these children, this home, and this Christmas season.

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