Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I am still right at a month of posts to post...but it is the last day of 2012 and I am saying farewell.  It has been a good year.  Some highlights include:

  • Buying a new house and moving to a new- and more than double as large- home
  • K and C changing schools (because of above move)
  • Driving to Colorado, Utah, and Idaho for our annual vacation while I was 7 1/2 months pregnant.
  • J started Kindergarten
  • V was born
I think those are the big ones.  I am so blessed.  I have the best husband ever.  For me, there could not be anyone more perfect for me.  I was reading a talk by Elder Holland today about marriage and I rejoiced over how perfectly CK already fits all the characteristics he talked about.  I love the Gospel and I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I know Jesus lives.  I have five wonderful children.  I have a great ward (church congregation).  I have many, many friends that live throughout the country and all provide such strength for me.  I have three sets of extended family members--all of whom I love so much.  They are great examples for me.

I am so blessed.  I am so excited for 2013.  I have so much to look forward to.  Life is good.

Today has been hard, but I don't know why.  I am just grumpy.  Not sure if it is because I am worried about V or sad to miss K this New Year's (she is with 13, it is time).  But, I have been grumpy today and I am trying so hard to be positive.  This post helps....I see just how blessed I am...more than I could ever have imagined!

On one final note, CK asked me to marry him exactly two years ago today.  Best decision I have ever made.  So blessed.

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