Sunday, December 30, 2012

K's Choir Performance Downtown

K is in select choir at school.  As part of that, they had the opportunity to go downtown (November 28, 2012) and perform with other schools in the fancy hall where the symphony performs.  It was a great opportunity.

Here she is before she left.  Beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.
 CK went down to be there for her performance.  V being only two months old...we already weren't sure how she would do and the tickets were $18 each.  We decided to risk it UNTIL we discovered that she would have to have a ticket, too.  Silly.  She would obviously be on a lap the ENTIRE time.  Since this was the case, we opted to have me stay home with the boys and V and CK went to the performance, which didn't even conclude until 10:15.
He said it was beautiful and that K did a great job.  I am glad he got to go and I feel so blessed that he has chosen to take on Dad responsibilities.  We are so blessed.  XDH also ended up being able to go, so K was able to have both her Dads there for her.  That is another blessing as well.  :)

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