Thursday, December 27, 2012

V's Blessing (November 25, 2012)

 Here is V all ready for her blessing.  One of the cool things is that the dress that she is wearing is the dress that I wore when I was blessed.  My mom made it for me.  When she was visiting in October, she brought it with her.  Since V was still so small, she fit it well.  And, she looked beautiful.

 After all the pictures were done (which she was not happy about), I propped her up in the corner and she began smiling away.  She wants what she wants and sometimes it is NOT to be held.
I included this picture of my talented friend, K, taking pictures for us.  K is one of the very most talented people I know.  She is a wonderful photographer, she is amazing with her sewing/quilting skills, she is so determined, and, most of all, she is a great friend.  We have been friends for years.  As our children have gotten older, we don't talk every day (not even close) like we used to, but I cherish her friendship so much.  The following four pictures are ones that she took.  :)  Aren't they great?

 My family!  Love them!!!!

 Isn't she precious?
All our family that was able to come for the blessing.  Love you all!
 One of my favorites of my little V.

After the blessing (and after the rest of church), we had a small luncheon with the family.  It was great!
Then, sad but true....Uncle D and Grandpa K had to leave to fly home.  We sure loved having them here.
Can you see the family resemblance?

Yet again, I am so very blessed.  I love my family.  I am one lucky, lucky girl.


nikko said...

You are so sweet to me! Thank you so much for including the pics I took. I think they turned out well. Love you!

Andrea said...

What a beautiful dress on a beautiful girl. And great family pictures.