Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Family Party October 2013

I realized that I talked about our October Family Party, I even posted regarding the invitation, but I didn't follow-up.  It has been nearly two weeks now.  It was so much fun.  It was so worth going.

So, "Check-it-out" meant that we first went to the library.  I am lucky that all five kids love to read.  It was the perfect start and all five were super excited to go.  The only down side to this family party was that CK's work computer came down with a virus or something and everything froze up.  Since it is a work computer, THEY have to be the ones to fix it...confidentiality, I am sure.  CK works remotely.  He is based in St. Louis.  And he had a big project he was finishing up, in addition to A being here and the family party plan.  Things just don't go wrong at opportune times, they happen when life is already crazy.  Luckily, his work has a small satellite location a little over an hour from us.  He took off, hoping they would be able to help him.  They could, although they couldn't finish it Friday and he had to go back Monday before his flight with A home.  More crazy!

It meant he missed the library, but he was indeed able to join us on our way to our next part:  "putt-putt-ing around," which, of course, meant going miniature golfing.  We chose to do this before dinner as it does get cooler when the sun goes down and we didn't want to freeze and hear complaining kids that they were cold.  It wasn't even that cold really....but it was better to do it a little earlier.

 K made a hole-in-one on the first hole!

 V stayed in the stroller the whole time and did very well watching us all play.  The four older kids played together ahead of us and CK and I played together.  It was a little bit like a date - although we did have four kids in front of us that we were responsible for and one in the stroller with us.  Still, we will take what we can get!

 They had a few tokens to use playing the arcade games, which they all seemed to enjoy.
And our final stop was "An Underground Train," aka Subway.  All seemed to enjoy their meals.  We loved being together.  I have such a great family and it is moments like these when we are all together and we can put aside the hum-drum routine of life that I cherish.  I am so blessed!

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