Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving (for us, Tuesday November 26th)

This year, we had Thanksgiving on Tuesday.  We did it all like any other Thanksgiving ( except with no parade and less football).  We cooked all day.  We ate until we were stuffed.  We celebrated with family.  We were so grateful. 

The reason we celebrated early is that our four oldest kids were going to be with their other parents on Thanksgiving day.  K especially asked for "Fake Thanksgiving" with all the home cooking (especially the sweet potatoes).  A was still with her other family in St. Louis, but we did have K, C, and J with us. 

Thankfully, my sister (S) and her family made plans to join us (and help with the food!).  I am so grateful every moment for family close by.  The kids love their cousins and I sure love my sister and her husband and kiddos.  It may have been Tuesday, but it sure felt like Thanksgiving!

We also had a chance to Skype with my parents and they got to see all of their crazy grandkids at once, except A.  It was fun.  And, it felt so much like Thanksgiving.  Smelled like Thanksgiving.  Kids were excited like Thanksgiving.  Lots of laughter like Thanksgiving.  It was awesome.

Then, for "Real" Thanksgiving....CK and V and I hung out and relaxed.  We watched football.  We ate leftovers.  We went to some friends for pie and games.  We thoroughly enjoyed the day.  We missed our extended family, particularly CK's family as most of them gathered together in Idaho.  We missed them and would have loved to be there.  There is no denying, however, how very much we enjoyed our rare day of relaxation!

Thankful wall this year was as awesome as ever.  This year, I had A write some things on leaves and we taped one of hers up each night as we wrote our daily things to add to it.  I loved having her be part of it, even from a distance.  It is something I will definitely continue!  I might take a picture of it...but then I'd have to cover all the proper names on there.  Not sure I am up to that. 

I am blessed.  So very blessed.  The name of my blog is so true:  I do indeed have a very good life!

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