Sunday, January 12, 2014

C Basketball tournament

 C had a basketball tournament Friday and Saturday.  We were lucky that we got to attend most of it, even with our weekend getaway. 

Friday night, they only played one game.  They won pretty handily.

 V loves watching the game....especially when C is on the bench where she can see him better.  This was her second day in a row watching C play (Thursday they had their regular game).
 C's team had a bye in the bracket.  My guess is because when the brackets were established, they were undefeated.  So, they only played one game on Friday.
On Saturday, we were coming back from the hotel for his first game.  They lost pretty badly.  The consolation for this is that the team they lost to won the championship - handily. 

Because they lost, their third game was for third place.  They played neck-n-neck for most of the game, but they did end up losing.  What a bummer. 

The funny thing is that tomorrow night they play this same team again (for a regular season game).  They can win, I know it. 

I still have so much to finish posting about Christmas.  I can't wait to share it all.  But, since the baby is so close with his fast heartrate and I am exhausted and still juggling the rest of my life....I haven't caught up yet.  But, if the baby is not here before this weekend (I don't expect him to be), CK will be out of town to see A and maybe I can get caught up.  (Fingers crossed)

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