Monday, January 13, 2014

Our definition of "Babymoon"

This weekend, CK and I used our free hotel night (that expired THAT night) to stay at a local fancy hotel.  It is funny to me how close we are to delivery of this new baby.  For that reason, I think it might count as a "Babymoon."  I have heard of "Babymoons," but we definitely did it differently.  We took our baby with us!  Our four older kids were with their other parents, so we took V and right after C's tournament on Friday, off we went.
For the most part, we had a lot of fun!  The room wasn't all the way cleaned and that was a bummer.  V really struggled to fall asleep (another bummer).  But, the hotel was fancy and fun and all three of us loved it.
We were on the 8th floor and V loved looking outside.
She also decided it would be fun to wear Daddy's shoes.  She is obsessed with shoes.  She quickly gave up on wearing them both, but it was fun to watch her hobble around in one.
She also loves to sit on things.  This bed pillow was perfect for her.
There are a whole bunch of indoor walkways and fountains and trees and water and plants.  It is beautiful.  We walked around Friday night.  V seemed to enjoy it, although I think she was afraid of falling in the water even from her stroller.  She got quite scared.

We asked V where the baby was and she patted my belly.  :)  She really has no idea what is coming, does she?
After she refused to sleep in the crib, we laid down a blanket and gave her a pillow and her pacifier (that she only uses to sleep at night).  We thought she might just sleep, but every time she got close....nope.
Meanwhile, we played Pandemic, which is one of our favorite games.  We haven't won playing with two people, but we did win and V just left us alone to play for the most part.  It was fun!
Here is the view of the lake from our room in the morning.
We had an interesting round-about-McDonald's adventure for breakfast.  We finally ended up at a McDonald's inside WalMart.  It worked well and was just perfect for us.

A view from the elevator, looking down on all the fun walkways.  Notice the atrium-like ceiling.  It helps keep the temperature controlled while allowing the plants to thrive.  Pretty cool.
This train was moving, even though they were in the middle of recreating the scene.  V thought it was pretty cool.
Prego Mom and Baby Girl.
My man.  I am so lucky and so very happy.  What blessings are mine.
This picture got misplaced somehow and I will just leave it here.  Daddy is tickling V.  She loves it and her laugh is very cute!  :)

In other news, I had a lot of contractions last night (Sunday).  They were painful, but short, but also close together.  I really don't think he is coming this early, but with CK gone next weekend it does worry me a little.  I am sure that everything will be fine!

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