Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Eve Morning (Dec. 24, 2013)

 Christmas Eve Morning, we got together with our cousins.  I love having my sister live so close to me.  I love that we can plan things together and that ALL our kids love it! 

This year, we hung out together for a few hours in the middle of the day.  This allowed us to have individual family time for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but still have the joy of celebrating together. 

We began with a yummy brunch.  Yum!!!

 V loved their Little People nativity set.  She especially loved playing with Baby Jesus.  How awesome it is that she loves our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

 After brunch, we played some very fun Christmas Minute-to0win-it.  I am so glad my sister had these all set up.  I actually planned on doing some with the kids during the break, but she had much better ideas and she had created it all so very well.  Everyone had so much fun. 

 After the Minute-to-win-its, we opened presents.  Everyone loved their gifts.  It was so fun, especially to see how much they loved GIVING the gifts they had chosen. 

These are all of my parents' grandkids!  I wish they could have been here too.  Amazing kids...everyone of them.  I love them all.  Families are great!  We are so very blessed that we have such a great one!  Someday they will all grow up, but for now, we had them all together.  So happy!  :)

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