Monday, January 6, 2014

So much to much to document

I have so much that I want to document.  We had an amazing Christmas with all five of our children gathered around us.  The Spirit was here.  We had peace.  We did fun things.  We played together.  We laughed together.  It was an amazing time. 

It was amazing even though we still had different combinations of kids.  C went on a campout, so for a while we had K, A, J, and V.  Then, later, K, C, and J went with their dad, so we only had A and V.  Then, A went back to Missouri and we had K, C, J, and V for a bit too.  It was always good, though.  :)

I will try to update my blog with pictures to go along to document our time together.  It may not be in order, but hopefully I will, indeed, capture it all.  Look for more to come.  :)

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