Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Veteran Mom?

A couple of days ago, C said to me, "Mom, you are a veteran mom."  I agreed that I was on my sixth kid so I guess that makes me a veteran.  He cleared it up, though, by saying that I was veteran because I'd been a mom for 14+ years (If you count pregnancy, 15+).  Either way, I guess I fit that description.

It was brought home to me a little yesterday when I had a resident doctor at my OB appointment.  I had never seen her before.  She was asking me questions to prepare for the impending birth of our little guy.  As she talked to me, these are some things I realized.....I have given birth in a LOT of different ways.

One question:  Did your water break with your other children?
A:  One it broke and gushed, Two it broke and trickled, One I went into the hospital with close contractions and they broke it there.

Another question:  Do you use medication or not?
A:  One I had a full epidural, one I had a half epidural, one I had some IV drugs, and one I had 100% "natural" or without any drugs.

Question:  How long to you like to stay in the hospital?
A:  AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE!!!  But, I have stayed anywhere from about 18 hours to about 50, depending on everything else going on.

Question:  Do you like midwives or MD's?
A:  Three I have used midwives and loved them.  One I used an MD and enjoyed that too.  I guess I am pretty easy to please.

Question:  Do you already have boys or girls?
A:  Counting my step daughter, I have two boys and three girls, and this little guy will even it out.

Crazy.  It seems like each birth is different and each situation is different.  I guess when you list it all like that, I am indeed a veteran mom!

One thing that has been relatively consistent:  I have gone between 6-12 days early with each of my deliveries.  I don't know if he will follow suit.  Kind of hoping he doesn't.  The kids have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much going on in February that closer to due date would work out well, but whoever said delivering a baby is convenient?!?

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