Wednesday, June 18, 2014


So, of course I have a million things I'd like to blog about. I have a whole list at the bottom of my weekly to do list of things that I still would like to blog about that have happened during the last few weeks.

But I am sitting here feeding the baby and I have been pondering something the last couple of days.

Beginning a day or two ago, when I look in the mirror, I see my age. I look old. I see a middle aged woman. This is new to me. I am accustomed to looking in the mirror and thinking I still look pretty young. I don't. I am 37 and every year is showing.

Did the last few weeks age me quickly? Or was I just oblivious to the aging process going on?

Indeed, the last few weeks have been crazy, perhaps trumping any other crazy time period of my life. Just since school let out not even two weeks ago, we've had K at girls camp, C baseball games, A with us for two weeks, J at swim lessons, K at choir camp, C at scout camp, Father's Day, V as a toddler beginning her terrible twos early, Baby C as a needy four-month old, prep for our trip to go to my brother's wedding, prep for K's 15th birthday, etc.

It has definitely been quite the challenge these few weeks. Have they aged me??? Or, again, was I oblivious? Either way, I think it is time to accept that I AM middle aged. I DO have six kids. It HAS been 20 years since I graduated from high school.

So, while all we've had going on has been stressful and frustrating at times and always crazy busy, I have a great life. Each of these busy moments comes from taking care of someone I love. I am lucky indeed.

I am a little bummed, however, since we have been blessed to have A with us for two whole weeks and only TWO of those nights I will have had all six kids under my roof. And, those were busy pictures this time. :(

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