Thursday, June 19, 2014

What a GREAT Day!!!!

I have had such a wonderful day!  It is a joy to feel this way as I do have many days that result in being overwhelmed, exhausted, and/or barely making it.  These six kids give me a run for my money.  Today, however, has truly been amazing. 

First, J and A have a massage parlor that they have named 5-star massage.  They spend hours together preparing the set up, making brochures, and gathering massage "tools."  I had an appointment with them this morning.  Loved it!  I truly feel relaxed and I get to really focus on and enjoy my blessings.  I love my children and my calling as mother.  I love my life....sometimes I just need a reminder of exactly how much I love it.

Then, A and I met my dear friend, A, and her daughter, E, at the pool.  The girls swam and A and I visited. Baby C even slept for us.  It was a beautiful day and I love A so very much.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  It was kind of funny because early this morning, I was musing on how much I miss all my "old" friends....ones I have known and loved for a long time.  I miss the days where hanging out together was much easier.  Many of these close friends now live far away.   I miss...
  • L and her laid-back and relaxed manner.  I need to learn from her.
  • S and her ability to keep things organized and clean at all times.  I need to learn from her.
  • S and her spirituality and ability to see things the way God does.   I need to learn from her.
  • A (Same A as above) and her ability to bring joy and laughter even in difficult times.   I need to learn from her.
  • K and her wisdom and talents.   I need to learn from her.
  • A and her selflessness and Christlike love.   I need to learn from her.
What great friends I have been blessed with!

But, that was a tangent.  Then, tonight, the girls and I went on a progressive dinner.  We had given this "experience" to A for her birthday and now was the time to use it.  So, A, V, and I went and picked up K from choir camp downtown and we went to do our progressive dinner.  It was so fun!

We began at Target eating pizza and popcorn and drinking soda.  How I love my girls.  I have three daughters and they are A-MA-ZING!!!

A got to choose all the places.  So, next we were off to McDonald's.  We ate chicken nuggets, fries, and yogurt parfaits.  A funny thing to remember is that we got a big box of nuggets.  V didn't know what they were.  When I opened the box, she yelled, "Oh!  Chicken Nuggets!!"  It was so super cute.  She really talks so much!

You cannot really see them, but K and A spent a few minutes playing on the playground.  The love each other so much!
Finally, we went to Braum's for dessert.  Yummy!

Then, to complete my awesome day, we came home to a fun filled house.  We were all just loving being together.  C is at scout camp and we miss him terribly.  It was the last night with everyone else home, however, as tomorrow K and J go with their dad and then A goes back to her other home in Missouri on Saturday.  We were just loving being together.  In between scriptures and song and prayer, CK and J were playing and wrestling together while the rest of us laughed and laughed.  I managed to capture it a little from my perch where I was nursing baby C.

Then, we all played Telestrations and laughed and laughed some more.  I have a great family.  I have had a great day.  Life isn't easy, but it sure is wonderful.  I am truly blessed.

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