Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's not fair!

I don't want to seem like I'm pouting, but life just isn't fair. I have worked my tail off to be ready early for Christmas. I knew life would be hectic so I've planned and organized for months, but NOW because of the dang clinic things are so messed up and it just isn't fair. I can't get it all done. It is impossible and now we are either going to be super stressed or not going to our cabin. It is impossible. UGH!

Contributing factors:
  1. LD is sick
  2. I have to take on marketing for the clinic (Marketing director left to go out of town before finishing distribution of gift baskets, etc)
  3. I have to take on billing for the clinic (billing person in car accident and having a baby)
  4. I have to take on working at the clinic (see #3)
  5. I have to take on training new employees at the clinic (see #3)
  6. I have my own stuff to find time to fit in for the clinic: keeping the books, transcription, reconcilling, etc.
  7. DH isn't handling these turns of events well and thus compounds my stress!
  8. I have had no sleep (see #1)
  9. I still have gifts to wrap
  10. I have Compassionate Service calls to finish up...(I have had so much to do with this calling over the last two weeks it is insanity! I literally spend an hour on the phone per day, just for this calling.)
  11. I wanted to make big plates of goodies (don't think this is going to happen!) for neighbors
  12. Oh...what about teacher gifts? Friend gifts? etc...those I thought I could easily do last minute! WRONG!
  13. I still have to buy, but only for DH!
  14. I have to finalize and put on the classroom party for C
  15. K has Activity Days and basketball practice
  16. C has basketball practice and Friday Fun Day at the library
  17. My house is a disaster
  18. I still have to grocery shop for the cabin
  19. I have to pack for the cabin
  20. I have a cell phone that doesn't work well and is brand new, but I can't return it or we won't have a cell phone for emergencies as we are driving to the cabin.
  21. Did I mention that the Jazz are losing...this is not helping! Just win some games for us. I could use a cheerful DH for a night!
  22. There's more...but I can't handle adding to the list. I just have to stop and go have a good cry about it all and deal.


nikko said...


I am so sorry. How about you close the clinic for a week or two? Not that that would be the greatest of ideas in the long run, but it might give you a chance to catch your breath. That clinic is so much work for you two. I hope you can hire someone new and reliable soon!!

Wish I could help out -- not sure how helpful I'd be with a newborn, though. When LD gets better, you'll have to drop him off to play. :o)

txmommy said...

what can I do? do you want me to drop off baskets? wrap gifts?

zeebee said...

I wish I could lend a hand somehow. Maybe just knowing that we are praying for you will help. If it's any consolation I was super impressed when I heard how early you sent out your packages! I think you should still go to your cabin...we love you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that things are going so crazy right now. Wish I could give you so support some how. It will be wonderful, even if you didn't get everything done you have wanted to. And your family is safe and mostly well. No ones in the hopsital.