Friday, December 14, 2007

This is the hand I've been dealt...

so I just have to live with it!
I have so many things I want to document and blog about that I am about ready to explode! So...a warning to anyone reading might be in for the long haul.
First, I am a very health-conscious person. I love to exercise. I fix healthy whole-grain and vegetable filled meals. We don't eat a lot of desserts of sweets....UNTIL I GET STRESSED....then...Why does it all go away? Why is chocolate such a great comfort food? I have problems.
Second, I have been working a TON in the clinic. It is a long...too long...story, but we have been going CRAZY. DH worked Tues and Wednesday all by himself (until our high school after school employee could make it in). Yesterday and today I worked all morning with him. the midst of this I am trying to prepare for Christmas, plan the Holiday parties at school, my own stuff I do for the clinic, and now all of the billing that our employee was doing. It is insanity. I feel like I am being a horrible mother, I am not doing as much as I should with my calling (which has all by itself been insanely busy the last few weeks!), the house is a wreck, and there is still a ton more to do for billing at the clinic. UGH!

Third, here are some fun pictures I have been meaning to post (can you tell why I haven't had the time?)

I couldn't figure out how in the world we were quite so late in getting our tree up this year! I realized that it was mostly that we went to Houston for Thanksgiving and so didn't have the couple of days afterward to really decorate the house. Here is C helping put up the tree. What you can't see is that it was after 9:00 at night on a school night. I finally decided that with all the craziness that we just had to work on it and they really wanted to help. Both C and K were very helpful and even LD didn't really destroy anything so it was a pleasant experience! DH was still working, so I really needed their help and was pleasantly surprised at how much they could do this year. My babies are growing up!

Here is the promised toothless wonder picture! Isn't it a classic? If you know C, you know this captures his personality perfectly

"Yes, Mami, I am cute in my pajamas....but did you see my mischievous grin?"

Happiness amidst the chaos. K has been wanting a miniature tree to put in her room. I actually found one at the dollar store and figured she'd like it even if it is small and cheap, but with all the stressful events of this last week, I hadn't had time to give them to them. Last night, I once again rebelled against bedtime and gave them their trees. They were so excited. I wish I could've captured the excitement to share. Hmmm....very rewarding for $3 each!

C working very hard on his little tree. He is a perfectionist and he couldn't get it quite "right" last night. It is beautiful, but he was so frustrated we almost had to just throw it in the trash.


Heather said...

Those trees are adorable! Good luck getting all your tasks completed, unfortunately the Holidays come whether or not we have everything perfect... it's a flawed system.

txmommy said...

sorry! That sounds crazy. I hope you find a great employee soon.

Lucy is sitting on my lap looking at this and she said "der E___. Why he got tree? I want one does" So funny.

lucky tv pauser!

nikko said...

Cute trees! You always have such good ideas. Sorry the clinic is so crazy. :o( Hopefully that will get better soon.

zeebee said...

I wish there was something I could do to help! But I am going crazy too, so I would probably not help the situation. I hope things get better soon and in the meantime, endulge endulge endulge!!! :)

Playful Professional said...

I understand, there's always way too much to do and even when you think you're getting close, more piles on. I'm having to learn quickly what I can do without (one those things not being chocolate).