Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Best Gifts, Yucky Surprise, and a Broken Washer

Yesterday turned into an adventure for me! DH came home early...which is probably the best present of all. He works so hard and so many hours. We ate a quick dinner (still wasn't hungry from Olive Garden) and had "cake." I have never been a big fan of traditional cake, so every year I try a new dessert for my birthday. This year was simple and yummy....Jell-o's No Bake Cheesecake. I used to hate cheesecake, but now I really love it...especially the fake kind. Don't ask me why, but I think I like it better than a homemade one.

After dinner, I was presented with my presents. The very best ones were the letter C wrote me inside his card and the card that DH gave me. Amazing how dots of ink on a paper (forming words) can mean so very much. They both made me cry and I have reread them already many times. Here is what C wrote:

Included in my card from DH was a note saying that in a couple of months he will take time off so I can go out of town for Time Out for Women in another city! Yippee! I am so excited. We can leave Friday morning, drive there, hang out, shop, eat dinner...whatever we kidless Mommys want to do...go to the night part of the conference for three-ish hours, sleep in a hotel, go to the other 6-7 hours the next day and drive home (two nights without wives and with kids might just put the DHs over the top). I think my sister can go, too! That would be awesome. I hope a lot of my friends can make it. It is actually on two of my close friends' birthday...maybe they can for their present, too. for the surprise...right as we were finishing the gifts, LD decided to contribute one of his own...he vomited all over! Now I know why he was cranky yesterday...the poor baby's belly must've been hurting. If vomit can ever be cute, this was. The poor guy would puke, say "uh-oh, uh-oh," puke again, "uh-oh..uh-oh," and so on. He was so concerned about this strange mess that he was making. Poor guy!

Of course I immediately cleaned up the mess and threw everything in the washer. Guess what! When I woke up at 3:30 (more vomit) I went to move the laundry washer is broken. The water won't drain out. I've dried a bunch of things, but nothing helps and the soonest the repair guy could come is Friday! UGH! I've been frustrated about it all day. Luckily, though, I have been diligent in setting money aside in savings and I'm not worried about the expense part, just annoyed that I have to deal with it.

One last picture...for our day off of school on Monday, I took the kids to Jumping Party and my sister and her kids joined us. SOOOOOOOOOO fun to have cousins close by! Here they are (minus LD (too squirmy) and her little baby (asleep, I think)):


Heather said...

That note is so sweet! I would melt. Enjoy TOFW, my escape is in two weeks and I can't wait.

Jan said...

What a great guy you have. That was very thoughtful and the cheesecake yummers. Sorry about the cleaning up pukes. That is always a sour note.

Cheri said...

That note makes my heart melt. What a sweetheart.
I hate it when the kids are so little and they don't understand what's going on when they're sick.
I hope the rest of you don't get it!
That's a great gift from your hubby- I hope your sister can indeed come!

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday! I have to tell you, I feel like I am "eavesdropping" on your life, reading your blog and never commenting. It is always fun to read about your family and crazy at the same time-- I can't believe how much time has passed. I love to read your insight and perspective, you are amazing! Glad to hear your birthday was a great one!

Anne said...

How sweet that letter was! Your kids are awesome :)
Sorry about the big mess, you know I have the same washer and it's needed repair three times...grr!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday! I agree with you...I don't do cake. We're dealing with sick kids and puke here, too, but it's not cute... not even a little bit. Luckily we seem to be at the tail end of it all.

Have you ever tried taking your washer apart? They don't charge extra if you've opened it up to take a look at it yourself, you know. Daniel managed to find what was wrong with ours fairly easily, buy a replacement part online, and fix it himself for about $70. It's worth a shot and could save you some serious $$.