Tuesday, June 15, 2010


CK has come and left. It was one of the very best weekends of my life. I definitely am in-love with that man. After M, I didn't think I would ever love again, but I do or did. I don't know if I will ever see CK again. I have to follow the Lord with whatever He tells me. I know He won't lead me away from Eternal Happiness, but rather towards it. He knows exactly who is best for me and I know that if I listen I will be okay. :)

I picked CK up Friday night after Day Camp. I am sure it was a great first impression: bright orange camp shirt, wet and sweaty with yucky hair and no make up. Yet, I had become such good friends with CK before we ever met that I was okay with going straight from camp. Good thing! I didn't have a choice with the timing of it all.

Saturday, we got to go here together:
(My favorite place!) We also went bowling and I got the worst score I have EVER scored. I guess I was distracted....54. Yikes! It is embarrassing to admit that! We also played and played and played Rockband. It was fun and CK rocks at it! :) One of the things I absolutely love about CK is how much fun we have together. I don't think I have ever dated anyone that made me laugh as much as CK. I think as long as we are together that we could have fun in any situation. We just laugh. I have never been as completely myself as I am with CK either. I was close with M, but there is an added comfortability with CK that allows me to just completely be myself and if I make a fool out of myself, we just laugh...together. Oh, how I love it and oh how I am hoping I will get to experience that with him forever. Time will tell.

Sunday we went to church and to my sister's house. It was a great day.

Monday was Flag Day. I think there must be a rule: if you are a man and coming to visit me to meet me and see if you might want to marry me....you have to be here on a day to help C do flags. Here is CK with C:

And, finally, we had to have some photos together so we can remember this weekend. C was our photographer and he had fun posing us and taking pictures. Don't look too closely or you might see the tears in our eyes as we thought of saying good-bye. :(
This one is my favorite:
Good-bye, CK. Love ya.
Yep...Now my gut and my heart are having an MMA fight in my body. The thing is: I love the Lord more than I love CK. I will always follow as He directs. Always. I did with M when it was difficult to wait. I will with CK, even if it is difficult to say good-bye. I will continue to follow the Lord until He leads me to Mr. Mystery whom He promised me is out there.


Anonymous said...

That is one funny lookin' dude! Good thing you are so cute! I have to admit that you guys do look good together. Love ya' kid!

nikko said...

Okay. So this explains why you haven't called lately... Why didn't you say so? ;o)

Glad you had a great weekend. Who knows what the future will hold?

Raini said...

He has a great smile and kind eyes!