Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

I have so much going through my might just be jumbled, but I wanted to document it all somehow.
  • I get the unique and sacred opportunity to go with my mom and sister to dress my grandma's body for burial. I am grateful for this opportunity, even though I am certain it will be emotional. My grandma was very special and very close to all her descendants, but there is an extra special bond she shares with the three of us. I know she will be there as we dress her body and I know it will be a moment all four of us (including her) will treasure. Ironically, it was her that I went to the temple with most often during my first year after being married.
  • Speaking of temples, I hope to have time to do a session this afternoon. I am going through withdrawal for not having been for a week and a half. If I do end up with the time, it will be the Provo temple, the one I went to every Wednesday with my grandma after I got done teaching. is Wednesday. Perfect.
  • CK flies in tonight. I am so excited. I KNOW that Heavenly Father provided for us by bringing us together for a time. Both of us have needed each other during these months and we feel so loved and taken care of to have this time to be together. The end is fast approaching, though. It will be very difficult. I will miss him a TON! But, I know this has to happen. For now, I am so grateful he is coming to support me. It is a strange feeling to have someone care about me and sacrifice for me. I am so grateful.
  • The divorce has been final for six months. Half a year. I am okay. I am happy. I still miss XDH, but I probably always will. I didn't choose to be sealed to him planning to be apart from him, so the missing of him will probably always be there somewhere in the recesses of my heart. I am happy, though. I have so much to live for. I have so much good in my life. I didn't know if I could make it through this, but, with a lot of help from Heavenly Father, Friends, and Family, I have.

There you have. Random thoughts by me.


nikko said...

Thinking of and missing you! (((hugs!)))

I totally don't understand the CK stuff, but I am glad that it is making you happy! ;o)

victoria said...

I'm sorry to hear that your grandma passed away. Though it sounds like she had a full and wonderful life, I'm sure you'll miss her. It's so great that you two were so close. Hope all the surrounding events go well and provide a nice comforting closure for you and your family.