Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 days!

Yikes! I have been in the middle of a special post about K, but between my computer problems, the Internet not working, and Blogger being down....it is not done yet....hopefully very soon!

But I did have to mention that CK comes to meet me in 3 days! I am excited. I am also saddened. I know that CK is not going to be more than my friend. It helps me gain perspective by being on this side of a "no" answer. It is not easy. I know it was hard for M and now I know first-hand. CK has become my best friend, though, and I am still so excited to finally meet him in person. I am grateful for the sacrifices he is making to come, even knowing the outcome of our relationship. I am a lucky girl and one day he will marry one even luckier and special woman, of that I am certain. :)

Also, CK brought to my attention a blog post from a year-ish ago. OK....I tried to copy and paste and it wouldn't do it...so just go look at it....it is so true, everything I felt a year ago is so true. And, the heartache I feel now is minuscule in comparison to the pain I felt then. Time truly is a great healer. Thank goodness. Oh how great the mercy of my God! (Click here for the link)


MO said...

What can I say, you make me smile...goofball.

katie said...

I love CK. He is a fantastic man with many talents. You are an exceptional woman and I can see why you have caught his eye. I hope your weekend goes well and you enjoy each others company.

I have a good life said...

Thank-you, Katie! :)

He has talked about you. He thinks you are pretty darn cool as well. I know we will have a great weekend. It is the after the weekend part that will be tough. :( Take care of him....I know you guys do. :)

katie said...

OK so apparently i was feeling bold earlier this evening but as the evening wore on I was feeling much less bold. I came back to erase what I wrote... but you had already been on. (oops) I hope you don't feel stalked.
Because you will be seeing each other this weekend I thought you might like to know CK likes to be called Chadwick, Chaddy bones, or Chunk.;) I've been trying to get him to grow his hair back so if you wanted to throw in a comment or two about it, someone in Idaho Falls would appreciate it.

I have a good life said...


I definitely did not feel stalked. :) I am glad that you wrote and I hope I am not intimidating!

I have also joked with him about his hair.....it seems ultrashort, but I haven't yet seen it in person. He did cut it last night so I will get to see the shortness today. I have teased him about it being too short.....we will see if I was right.

Oh...please feel free to always comment or read my blog. My blog is public for a reason.....so people can read it if they want to. :) I definitely don't feel stalked. If you more comfortable and want to "talk" via email sometime, ask Chunk for my email address. :)