Monday, April 11, 2011

The Blues

I have the blues. Not sure why. I just feel kind of down.

Some possible reasons:
  • My uncle is in a coma following a couple of massive strokes. The doctors believe he will be a vegetable even if he does awaken. My aunt (also sick herself-recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's) has the very difficult decision to make regarding when to take him off life support.
  • My cousin (son of said aunt and uncle) is my age. No siblings. Never married. No kids. With both parents so ill, my heart aches for him in a huge way.
  • I just got back from visiting CK. It is irrational, but I miss him like crazy. I will see him this weekend, but then we have a 4-5 week break. I am really struggling with the thought of not being with him for that long. If I struggle with 4 days, how can I do 4 weeks?
  • Planning a wedding. AND being a mom. AND having the wedding in a different state and planning long-distance. -sigh- As excited as I am, there is some stress related to this event.
  • I am really missing my friends. So many dear friends have moved. I miss them. I was reading TXMommy's blog and I miss her a lot. I also miss my friends that live 15 minutes from me. My life has gotten so busy with CK, kids in middle school, elementary, and pre-school, my calling, my home, etc.- so I just don't see them like I'd like to.
  • Or, maybe it is that I got home after midnight last night and the pure and simple reason is this: I haven't had enough sleep.
Anyway: our family challenge is to serve others every day. I know as I find ways that I can serve....I will be happy and the blues will disappear. (A nap might help, too....but, I have 5 children here: my nieces, nephew, and J...ages 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. My sister went to visit our uncle and her hubby had to travel out-of-town today. I love them and I am excited to have them here! They are so much fun!)


Lana said...

I miss you too!

shana said...

So sorry to hear about your uncle. You guys will be in my prayers.

Jenny said...

Sorry that you're feeling down.

nikko said...

That is so sad about your uncle/aunt/cousin. Life can be so hard for some. :o(