Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally Normal

Two years ago, the kids and I were crying almost daily as XDH had just left and our separation had begun. Everything was so new and scary.

One year ago, the divorce had been final for a few months. The kids still hated the change in their routine. They found it difficult to leave Mom. It was a challenge for me as well. I missed having them on Saturdays so I could do "fun stuff" with them. I felt like I only got "Business Hours"- homework, chores, baths, bedtime, etc..

Now, finally....life is pretty much normal. The kids are used to their times with XDH and most of the time don't mind going. He is doing an outstanding job with them, especially lately, and I am so glad. At the same time, they are also excited for CK to move here. I had one child pray in family prayer last night that they were so grateful that CK and I were getting married, I had another child ask if they could spend an extra night with XDH this week, and the third one was not afraid to ask him for time when they had an event at school during his time. -sigh (of relief)- Much better. I am so grateful that while we don't have the ideal family situation, we are making it work. The kids are much happier. I am much happier. Life is so different, but now is normal in its own way. We are blessed.

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Colleen said...

I am so happy you are happy!! I knew it wouldn't be long before some awesome guy snatched you up! You ARE so blessed and I am just thrilled about it for you! And I am glad to hear that your kids are adjusting to all teh changes so well. Usually you hear the opposite is true. That is a just a testament to how great your kids are and what a great job you are doing with them! Love ya!!! It was good to see you at Katy's the other night.