Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break Revisited: March 14-18, 2011

So, Spring Break is almost a month in the past....I still want to blog about it! In the past, I would've just skipped this post and gone on, but I got my first blog book published. I love it! And, it gives me a great desire to document even if I am behind. What a great family history and treasure!

For the first part of Spring Break, we were in St. Louis. Some of these pictures I already posted with my St. Louis post, but now I am documenting Spring Break!

Day 1 (March 14, 2011):

It snowed in St. Louis, so A's school was canceled. While CK went to work, the kids and I played:

It was fun and a little odd to go swimming inside, when it was snowing outside. :)

We got our family pictures done for our wedding announcements and after took the kids to dinner and a movie.

Day 2 (March 15, 2011):

This is the day that we drove home. Because it was Spring Break, I let the kids dictate where we would stop. They chose this Candy Factory first:
Then, we stopped by this Precious Moments chapel. It was a little way off of the main freeway, but soooooooooooooooooo worth it. The artist is amazing. He has truly spent his life sharing his faith with others. Now that he has made some money through his talent, he has donated time, land, and money to create this beautiful chapel. Very touching and very worth it.

Day 3 (March 16, 2011):

We planned on going to Putt-Putt, but a dear friend texted us that they were going to the park. Since we were going to do that later, we quickly switched days and headed out. It was PERFECT weather-which means the park was crowded, but still fun.

C played kickball.
K hung out with her friends. J was also around-playing with his friends. I got to sit and talk to mine. :) It was good for all of us.
Day 4 (March 17, 2011):

We got to go to Putt-Putt. It was so fun. K's best friend, E, joined us there.

Both K and C ended with quite a few tickets. K was happy to hit the jackpot on this game.
Day 5 (March 18, 2011):

I don't know why this is is annoying. Day 5 was Yogurtland, as well as some final preparations for K to go to Camp G.

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